2016 Horses and Children

One of the families graciously offered to bring their horses to the Spring Fling.  With their parents' permission, children had an opportunity to take a short walk, while guided by the owner of the horse.  The horse was well trained and used in therapy programs for children

Getting ready for a ride
 One horse is ready 

Here goes another 

What a nice ride 


 Heading home


 Horses waiting for their riders

Hold on tight


Leisurely rides


Getting closer 

Two riders ready to go 


A good day for a ride   


Let's bring this horse closer 

You can paint the horse with your hands


I want to paint, too


Let's add more colors with our hands

 We could paint the hooves


Let me show you how to paint the hooves


We're coming to paint some more

Look at all the colors of hands


"painted horse" like the Native Americans 


Good job by all the kids