2016 petting zoo

This year's Spring Fling included a visit from the Tickle Me Pony petting zoo.  The Children were excited to see the young animals and actually pet them.  The zoo included bunnies, pigs, ducks, and hens, and little goats.  
Here are some of the pets.
Look Mom
Ducks, bunnies, and goats

  The baby goat lets me pet him


 Baby goats, pigs, and ducks  


 What's in the cages? 

 Pets are looking for someone 


 Kids look in awe at the hens and bunnies 


 A A closer look at the bunnies and ducks 

  Baby goats or is that "kids"? 


   Look at all the pets


Petting animals is fun 

Teacher, children, and baby goats



This bunny is so cute




 This is fun!