Clayton Valley Presbyterian Church

The first item you will notice will be our sign.  As you drive in, you will see the entire campus which is open and welcoming.  The Sanctuary is the focal point of our campus and located in the center.  The arbor is positioned in front of the Sanctuary and is a lovely area for coffee hour after worship services.  Additionally the arbor separates the Office building on the right and the Fellowship Hall to the right. 

 The sign was designed to match the Sanctuary and greets you at 1578 Kirker Pass Road, Clayton, California

The front of the Sanctuary is accented by the Steeple and cross floating upward.
The arbor is in front of the Sanctuary and is a lovely area for coffee hour after worship services

 View of the courtyard at night

View of the Sanctuary at night 

Sanctuary at night 


  The campus with Steeple in background



The campus at night


The campus at night