Clayton Valley Presbyterian Childrens Center

Teddy Bear Class 


Two year old children will gain the experience
of being comfortable in a classroom setting, with other children, with age-appropriate teacher instruction. The children will: 

  • Gain comfort in classroom setting
  • Interact socially with other children their age
  • Have the opportunity to share, take
    turns and express themselves
  • Experience gentle instruction from a
    qualified teacher
  • Be exposed to books through story
    Learn a variety of songs and finger
    play activities
  • Have an opportunity to create simple
    craft projects
  • Be exposed to developmental concepts, such as color, body parts, spatial relationships, and shapes
  • Have opportunity to separate from
    parent in carefully orchestrated situations       

Butterfly Class 



Three year old children will gain independence and confidence, develop peer socialization skills, and be exposed to a variety of literacy and concept awareness activities. The children will:

  • Gain independence by separating from
  • Engage in cooperative learning and
    play activities
  • Learn to recognize their name
    Develop fine motor skills through
    various activities such as tracing, puzzles, manipulatives and daily art projects
  • Build their vocabulary through
    finger play, songs, stories, circle time discussions, sharing and dramatic play
  • Recognize attributes of objects
    through matching and sorting activities
    Develop number and spatial concepts
    through manipulatives and puzzles
  • Be exposed to various sensory
    activities Identify shapes and colors 
  • Follow simple directions
  • Develop a sense of respect for
    others, for property and for themselves
  • Develop cognitive skills through
    simple problem solving activities, guessing games and use of imagination   

Beaver Class 


Four year old children will learn valuable
social skills through structured “play” activities. Kindergarten readiness will be developed through age-appropriate instruction in literacy and pre-academics. The children will:    

  • Identify and write their own name
    Recite popular nursery rhymes
  • Begin to recognize words that rhyme
    Recite the days of the week and the months of the year
  • Develop phonemic awareness by naming letters of the alphabet, their sounds and beginning word sounds
  • Engage in various pre-writing activities
    Develop math skills by identifying numbers, counting both in sequence and through one-to-one correspondence, and estimating
  • Identify and construct patterns
  • Explore various properties of science and investigating, making predictions, and drawing conclusions
  • Be able to sequence events and
    arrange objects in order
  • Determine how objects are alike and
    identify opposites
  • Be able to listen and follow three step directions