Community Resources

Looking for available care options and programs that can help seniors maintain independence and quality of life? 

The following websites provide comprehensive information on topics like financial support and assisted living options that are available.

For a guide specific to maixmize medication beneifits by empowering senios, caregivers, and family members, see webiste:

Clayton Valley Village volunteers provide transportation, social connections and at-home assistance to our members in Clayton and Concord.  This is the only such service in Clayton and Concord for seniors.  To learn more, call 925- 626-0411, send email to, or visit the website.

To view the latest status and health recommendation in our county, go to

Information about Medicare which is the federal government's health insurance program that primarily covers people 65 and older and younter people with disabilities.

Make your retirment dollars work by checking for discounts.

Don't let your caregiving for a loved one with mesothelioma diagnoses overwhelm you.  You can find support here.

If you're looking for senior care resource for family caregivers seeking information and support as they care of aging parents, spouses, and other loved ones, you can go to the following site.

Looking for a guide on aging and eyesight?  These two websites provide information on:   How aging affects your eyes, Signs of Vision Changes, Common age-related vision issues, Prevention, and more.  For information, go to:    and

For a quick guide to senior eye care, review the following two sites:

To reach the California Department of Aging, go to:

To read about advocacy fighting ageism and agiesm resources, to to"

For nutrient data for Foods, Obesity Prevention, Farmland Informat Center, USDA information, Nutrition information fro helathful eating croices, go to:

For information on healthy aging, caregiving, and end of life, go to

Help people locate state-licensed health, social, mental health, alcohol. and drug, disability and elder care services and facilities.  Go to:

A free service offered to semiors and their family member to assist them in location of retirement home and assisted living  Go to:

For issues regarding seniors investment fraud, go to:


A free national service used to find resources for older adults in any US community.  Go to:

Local County Infomration and Referral Agencey, go to:

The Older Ameicans Act Title IIIB Supportive Service Porgram provides funding for a variey of supportive service programs thourgh local developed community -based systems of services, go to:

For Senior Fun and Fitness

For Retirement Calculators and planning info.

Elderly substance misuse is a rapidly growing health problem that can go undiagnose.  For an education guide, go to

For help for those struggling with alcohol-use-disorder, go to:

Need to find Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers?  Visit this site.

Looking to understand the differences between assisted living and independent living.  Go to:

Want to know more about identity therft and cybercrime, go to:

Need support when you suddenly find yourself with a loved one who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's.  Go to:

Want an educational guide to addiction and recovery, go to:

Do you need  information about cancer mesothelioma.  If so, you may check the Mesothelioma Hope website at: 

Need help in how to protect uor elderly loved ones from online scammers?  Check out the guide at:

Want to make the most of your MHA Education, check out the following website.

Do you know an adult, aged 65 and older, who misuses prescription, illicit drugs, or alcohol?  If so, go to:.

Drug addiction is hereditary and the risk is higher if it's a first degree relative.  Check this site to check your risk.

If you need to stay at a recovery site, go down to Orange County to recover

Are you interested in buying an anuuity to guarantee income or selling a structure settlement payments.  Go to website.

Do you suspect Nursing Home Abuse and/or Neglect.  It is a nationlly recognized problem since 1970s, check this website.

Substance abuse in the elderly is a growing concern as nearly 1 million adults aged 65 and older have a substance use discorder.  For help, see below.

Treating substance abuse in the elder demands attention to detail and empathy.  See this websit for advice"

This site provides information on helping low income veterans with finding financial assistance programs.

Need to find out about grants for single mothers?  See below.

See this site forresources for ex-offenders who want to rebuild their life.

Need help personal finances.  This site offers financial calculators for your use.

Need help with Estate Planning? These 25 steps highlight things you need to have in order during the process.

Undecided about which smartphone or cell phone is for you?  Read this for information.

Here's a medically-reviewed resouce which covers what you need to know about effective medication management.  .

Concerned about eating disorders in adults over 60?  See the information on this website.

Does your home need modifications to prevent falls which can be detremntal to senior adults. See website.

Need help with Legal forms, see this website.

Want to help those college students using drugs and alcohol.

Want to know more about California's regulations and financial assistance for Alzheimmer's and dementia care?

Use this guide to explain the regulations and financial assistance for Alzheimer's and dementia care available in California.

Needs help overcoming addiction, understanding recovery, and knowing the red flags?  See below

See this guide on senior fall prevention.

Here's a guide on the dangers of Asbestos:

If you are of a cenain-age, i.e., senior, don't do these Home Repairs when you are alone!

The fentanyl problem is a growing concern due to the large scale production by unregulated manufacturers.

Here is info if you are trying to decide or just looking at drug and alcohol treatment

Check out Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect information on this site

Alcohol is a chronic conditon charcterized By excessive and commulsibe consumtion of alcohol.

A guide for finanacially vulnerable adults.  See a list of 30 Common Credt Scamsvia this website.

Did you know that Medicare Insurance is accepted in Drug Rehab Centers in CA?  Go to this website.

For quality health treatment

Check this integrative & holistic recovery program for women.

Here's a guide for helping retirees navigate the healthcare system.

Need help with daily tasks or know someone who does, see this website.

Need help with addictions for children and seniors.  See below:

This Nutrition Guide offers health-focused nutrition tips, easy recipes, guidance, and additional supportive resources.

Need a guide for Alcoholic Liver Disease which affects countless individuals and famalies?  See below..

For finding several ways to get discounts on prescription drugs, see below.

Need to choose a nursing home for your loved one, see below.

Need a guide for elderly community resources so you can provide care and support?  See below.

Having a problem entering the workforce after an addiciton.  Read this guide.

Here is a compilation of substance abuse support groups which may help you, family, or friends.

In a world where addiction knows no boundaries, the following sites offer pertinent information.

      Faith-based rehab information:

       For spiritual concerns during treatment, see this journal:

       Information about AA:

       You can use your Christian faith on the road to long-term recovery.

Check out this comprehensive guide to vision care for veterans.

Check below to learn about nursing homes and assisted living facilities abuse and neglect.

Need a guide on oral health for people with memory disorders?  See website below.

Interested in knowing the difference in forgetfulness versus memory decline? See website below





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